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Welcome to City Cycling Inc, Philadelphia's premier indoor cycling studio where hardworking, positive people can find each other to experience a ride driven by inspiration, encouragement, good music, and a desire to sweat it out. Featuring custom-branded bikes, a crystal clear sound system, and a sleek social space you’ll want to visit over and over, City Cycling delivers infectious energy that will keep you glowing all day long.

We pride ourselves in offering our members custom-branded bikes, a crystal clear sound system and a sleek social space. Our goal is to provide our members with an upbeat and infectious atmosphere. Sign up today for an energizing and challenging ride!

New To City Cycling, Inc.?

Get 30 days of Unlimited Rides For $99


Sara W.

"Love this studio!! Maria, the owner is so nice and the workouts are great. The instructors are super motivating and the music is 🔥. Will be including city cycling into my weekly routine!"


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